Immersus is the Latin root for immerse which means to engage wholly or deeply. Walking is what I do the most when I travel in order to taste the local flavors of the cities or towns. Immersus Tours came as an idea in 2006 when I decided to go on a six-month backpacking trip to South America and Scandinavia. My idea was to visit the regular spots as any other tourist but I also wanted to see where the locals were hanging out.

Since I was curious about the local lifestyle I started to ask concierges and locals for the places they chose to go out and eat with their friends and family. They shared that information with me and I found myself walking through small neighborhoods, taking public buses and eating at mom-and-pop establishments. People looked at me with joy and disbelief.

I realized that was the way to travel. I was delighted of being surrounded by local people, checking what they were doing, imagining what they were talking about and meeting some locals interested in knowing where I was coming from. I felt I was immersing, I felt like a local!

My name is Jose Antonio Tello. My background is finance but I always had the traveler and walker spirit. After the collapse of my employer Washington Mutual Bank in 2008 the idea of Immersus became clearer. I thought about showing visitors the city the way local people live it: beyond the touristy spots. Seattle has always been a 'walkable' city and it is perfect to immerse into its many peculiar and lively neighborhoods. I hope you get as excited as I do when we walk Seattle together. Be active, go green, feel like a local!


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